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Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Tue Aug 2 17:04:47 EDT 2011

Hi Pete,

Move your script from the stack script to the card script. If you keep a preOpenStack script in the card script, then it won't be executed when other substacks are opened.

If you want the script to execute in the standalone only and not in the IDE, then you have to options. Either put the script in the startUp handler or check that the environment is "standalone" before continuing the script.

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On 2 aug 2011, at 22:57, Pete wrote:

> preOpenStack handler in the mainstack will be executed for every substack of
> the main stack that is opened?  I can easily check whether my initialisation
> code has already executed in the handler but was hoping for a way to have
> the code executed just once when the app started up.
> Pete
> Molly's Revenge <>

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