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Tue Aug 2 16:57:17 EDT 2011

On 8/2/11 3:49 PM, Slava Paperno wrote:
> On a related note: I have often wished that preOpenStack and openStack were
> not called when I open the stack in the IDE. When the programming is not
> finished, some calls that are already written into those handlers cannot yet
> be successful because other parts are missing. The result is that the first
> thing you see when you open the stack in the IDE is an error.
> My preference would be for the IDE to open the stack in the Browse mode, and
> for those two handlers to be called when I switch to the Run mode. And
> "sometimes" I think that what does happen, but I have never stopped to
> investigate if it's true.

If you know you are about to open a stack like that, click the Messages 
icon in the toolbar. That turns off all messages. Once the stack has 
opened, you can (and should) turn them back on.

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