[OT] Unboxing the Acer Android Tablet

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Tue Aug 2 11:14:32 EDT 2011

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> I could not disagree more. I brother owns and Ipad 2. He and I were
> having lunch and he noticed my hi-def, surround sound Acer Iconia (yes,
> it has Dolby Surround). He also noticed the dual cams (one a 5
> megapixel), the gps on board, the tactile touch and feel. I let him try
> it. He was blown away by the responsiveness and quality of the build. It
> is a solid, good looking and comfortable device.

* Ipad do not have GPS?

* Dolby Surround sound?
      How you will listen it without big room, and 6 good dynamic?
      and why ?????  Tablet is mainly for READING.
     Other task go to book...

* win7 right?  On touch device ...  brrrrrrrrrrrrr  ... No thanks :)

> Needless to say, he
> bought one and gave his Ipad2 away to one of his employees. That says

1-2 persons vs millions
Yes, this says EVERYTHING  :)))

Also I have hear true stories how people have throw away their iphones/ipads
to jump to android, and few weeks come back for next ios device ..
This says what? :)

But of course this is up to personal habits ...

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