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On 8/2/11 8:59 AM, "Lynn Fredricks" <lfredricks at proactive-intl.com> wrote:

>> But, it does seem to be more Windows like and less Mac like
>> in that it has many more settings and configuration options.
>> Plus (big plus) it has both micro and full USB slots for
>> memory storage along with built in micro-HDMI.
>> Both front and rear facing cameras are significantly higher
>> quality than iPad2, and I'm praying they work with Skype,
>> which would be huge.
> Chipp, have you tried plugging in random USB devices (mice, etc) to see if
> there's any sort of plug-n-play/pray like experience? That's something Ive
> wondered about. It would be nice to be able to attach whatever input devices
> one already has.
> Ive been giving thought to papa's first tablet...

As for me  -- ipad is best of the best.
    2-3 heads ahead.

All this hardware "bonuses" cost nothing actually.
I never was need insert flash into iPad :) ... Why ?
Well, may be only if person have in home only ipad?
But ipad is not replacement to macbook, it is one more tool, which you
should have in home: TV, router, desktop, macbook, ipad, iphone :-)
Each device have own target.

And only yesterday I have read one more article
Which describes how bad bad bad are sales of android tablets ...
They really cannot hump to level even of iPad1 technically.

IMO, if you love your father  -- buy for him at least iPad 1,
    At least used ...  Will be much more pleasure and use for person.
    Now iPad 1 can be found near to 200-300 in USA, right?
Btw, I also going present iPad to parents,
First of all because it allow easy and nice zoom text to read.

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