socket timeout on Windows 7

Nicolas Cueto niconiko at
Mon Aug 1 21:09:12 EDT 2011


Just moved to Window 7 Ultimate. Standalones and stacks that were
working under WinXP, aren't. (Aaargh!)

I'm hoping someone who knows Win7 can explain why the following bit of
script which works under WinXP and Win2k would suddenly not work:

case "select all the numbers, the names in full, and their classes"
         put tPwd & cr & tQueryType & cr & gSchoolNumber into tQueryFormat
         post tQueryFormat to URL tURL
         put the result into tSocketMsg
         put it into tSQLResult

I've made sure to turn off firewalls (even though it's the same
firewall software on my WinXp machine), as well as turn off Win7's
"User Account Control Settings". Please note too that I'm aware of --
and quite confused by --  the Vista/Win7's "VirtualStore" problem
that's been addressed here in the past, in particular Ken Ray's
summation at

Basically, aaargh!

Nicolas Cueto

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