[server] using STACKS within ON-REV

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Mon Aug 1 13:30:43 EDT 2011

On 8/1/11 10:40 AM, Robert Mann wrote:

> This is the very simple test I made :: made a simple "teststack.livecode" in
> the IDE : it contains 3 cards and 3 fields, and a few test functions.
> Dropped it in a test folder on my on-rev account, and added an index.lc file
> at the same level.
> problems ::
> 1) go stack DOES NOT work
> 2) start using stack, seems to swallow all handlers from stackTest into the
> HOME stack, so that they loose all the context of their original stack.
> 3) fields on cards can be accessed IF THE name of the stack is precised each
> time.
> So that requires to write handlers in a different way,  a standard stack
> will break very easily on the server if an implicit ref. to a field is used.
> Any comment? Do I get it right? does "go stack work for some?

These things have always been true of all server-related syntax, 
including the old CGI method. "Go" is a GUI command, and includes an 
instruction to redraw a card. The server has no GUI, so a redraw throws 
an error. Instead of "go", just reference the card remotely.

Long object names have also always always been required for all server 
work. The rule of thumb is to always use long object names, never try to 
navigate within a stack, and always use remote references:

   go card 1 -- fails
   go stack "testStack" -- fails
   get the text of field 1 of card 1 of stack "testStack" -- works

The "start using" command has also always been required. It is the only 
way to implement a library script on a server.

I don't think there is a Home stack on a server; there are only 
libraries that sit behind the web page in the hierarchy.

 From my old CGI tutorial 

Some native Revolution commands that don't work (and may hang your 
script) are:

     go - requires a GUI window redraw
     toplevel - GUI-based
     modeless (or any other stack modes) - GUI-based
     create stack (or any file creation) - CGI permissions restriction
     save stack (errors with "can't open stack backup file") - 
permissions restriction
     beep - GUI-based

I haven't worked with the new server yet, but since the current 
directory on the server is outside the CGI-bin folder, creating new 
stacks and files would be possible, unlike the old CGI method in the 

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