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Mon Aug 1 12:32:49 EDT 2011

I think the theory behind money is that it gives everyone a common reference to the amount of productive work a person has performed, so that if you were a blacksmith and the baker's horse didn't need shoes right now, you wouldn't go hungry. It has a lot of advantages, but of course one disadvantage is that if someone can ever con everyone into putting it all into one great big pool, with the promise that they will get more back later, then they can take it from everyone without them knowing what happened until it's too late, and just say something like, "Well we never guaranteed you this would work!" Another problem with paper money is the controlling authority can just print more of it whenever they want to get richer, thus devaluing everyone else's money, and thereby "stealing" it, or rather stealing the value of it and transferring it to themselves. 

This is how our mothers and fathers got their lifetime savings taken away from them. This why many of them spent their senior years in bad old folk's homes, and their children were fairly powerless to do anything about it. We the People let some cons run the government and devalue everything we worked for all our lives. At some point we just accepted that politicians could not be virtuous, and that it didn't matter anyway. So as long as they made the right promises to help us personally and seemed to be "on our team" we would vote for them, no matter what kind of lushes or brigands they proved to be. Now politics is a con man's utopia, a ritzy fishing club where those who have done well at the game are allowed to fish in the "big pond". 

But there I go again. Just shake your head at me and click the delete button. :-)


On Jul 30, 2011, at 8:31 AM, Roger Eller wrote:

> This video is a very informative explanation of where money 'actually' comes
> from.  It's shocking if you've not seen it before.
> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2550156453790090544#
> ˜Roger

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