FTP with Proxy Help

Mon Aug 1 07:29:02 EDT 2011

I told you all I would be back!

My code works great out in the wide open 'net. But sitting behind a proxy server, it goes to heck in a hand basket quick. And at schools, it is not uncommon to have proxy servers.

My system administrator gave me the proxy setting

Here is my line of code:
Put "ftp://cva@cva.on-rev.com:myPassword@ftp.cva.on-rev.com/public_html/holtfootball/hartland/media/Clip 001.mov" into tDestination

I've looked and looked at the dictionary - but I am very confused about where to put the port setting.  HELP!

(By the way, all I have done is FTP an iMovieHD project to my on-rev server. My app allows players/coaches to watch the game film from their home - one clip at a time.)

Jack Rarick
Freshmen Center
Earth Science
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Varsity Men's Track & Field
Varsity Football - Offensive Line Coach, Peanut Butter Coordinator

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