FTP Error - Solved

Mon Aug 1 06:58:06 EDT 2011

I wanted to thank everyone who through out suggestions to my FTP issues. Here is what I learned.

#1) Path names on servers, specifically my on-rev server, are very CaSe SeNsItIVe. I didn't know that.

#2) I spent a lot of time tearing apart Andre's FTP Commander - and discovered that any time he used a variable that was assigned from a list in a field, he deleted the last character. For instance

put the selectedtext of fld "ClipList" into clipname
delete the last character of clipname

This invisible character NEVER showed up - but caused my all kinds of problems! 

#3) Logging the FTP session into a field was HUGE. Not only did I learn a lot more about FTP connections, it helped me solve my problem.  (Thanks Andre!)

As always and always - thank you all.  And because there is no rest for the wicked - my next question is coming in about six minutes!

Jack Rarick
Freshmen Center
Earth Science
Technology Coodinator
Varsity Men's Track & Field
Varsity Football - Offensive Line Coach, Peanut Butter Coordinator

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