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Colin Holgate coiin at
Sat Apr 30 17:27:35 EDT 2011

On Apr 30, 2011, at 4:33 PM, tbodine wrote:

> How long would you estimate it would have taken you to do a similar program
> in Director or Flash?

Director doesn't do mobile, but to do what you see in the web version wouldn't have taken too long. Flash does do mobile, and multitouch, but in slightly harder ways. Still, it does do graphical things a lot better than LiveCode. For example, you can have a movieclip in Flash that just has the mask, and then another layer for the image, and copying bits of the source image into place would have been single line commands.

A lot of the time I spent on it in LiveCode involved doing things in a different way to how it ended up, and then trying to figure out better ways to do it. So, given that I know a lot about Director and Flash, and with the same time incentives, I would probably have got just as far in the same time, but not had to spend half of the time learning new things.

What I have said though that not everyone works with Flash in the easiest way that you can. Instead there's pressure to create projects in very formal ways, and working that way has its own overhead.

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