How to sync multiple functions / routines in parallel

Glen Bojsza gbojsza at
Sat Apr 23 11:12:44 EDT 2011


I have a database which I have created several queries for doing archival

Now I would like to have all the queries update the reports automatically
every 10 seconds.

>From what I determined I will need to keep the database connections open
while the application is running but I cannot do sequential queuing of the
queries because by the time the last query runs it will be out of sync with
the earliest query.

So, what is the best method to have all queries update every 10 seconds in
parallel? Each query will have it's own database connection that is open.

For anyone not doing databases this could be a similar problem in nature
where one needs to have multiple events for gaming occur in parallel... I
have not tried programming any games or anything else surrounding this type
of parallism.



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