Approach to integrating LC and non-LC apps

Graham Samuel livfoss at
Tue Apr 19 14:52:38 CDT 2011

I'm writing an app that allows its users access to a variety of bit-mapped images and manipulates them in particular ways. I have found it easy with formats PNG, JPG, BMP that LC reads natively, but I also have to deal with PDF and TIF files.

I have asked questions before about reading PDFs and other graphic formats (I'm only interested in bitmapped graphics) that LC can't read natively. What I am planning to do, thanks to advice from this list, is to get another program, ImageMagick, to do the reading for me. I want my users to have the simplest possible experience, so I want them to be unaware that two programs are involved. I imagine, for example, that I could use my LC app to select say a PDF file, pass it silently to ImageMagick for conversion to say PNG, and then acquire the output in my own app so that from the users' point of view there is just one program to deal with.

My initial question is, is this feasible? I have read section 12.1 of the LC Manual ('Communicating with other process and applications'), but the trouble is, I'm too inexperienced to know which way to go.

If anyone has any experience of this at all, perhaps they could give me some pointers - it might save a great deal of wheel-inventing.



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