Yay! Victory RevServer runs on FreeBSD with Linux Compat installed.

Andre Garzia andre at andregarzia.com
Tue Apr 19 01:29:09 EDT 2011


For anyone following this, I was unable to connect with MySQL or SQLite
database using linux compatibility in FreeBSD. I believe that RevDB External
and the Database Drivers need some uninstalled shared libraries but since
they are no in ELF Format, I can't use ldd to find out whos missing.

I really wish RunRev would release RevServer for FreeBSD. To build this
would probably take half an hour and build straight from the linux sources
depending on how their build script is built. Most Linux source code build
in FreeBSD with no fuss.

It is my belief that FreeBSD is a better platform to build small servers
because it is stable and all the system is built by a single community where
a strong emphasis is placed on documentation and making sure packages work
with each other. It takes less time to setup a FreeBSD server from the
scratch and actually understand what is going on than building a linux one,
specially once you start mixing repos and packages from other groups.

For anyone that want to know more, I recommend the book "Building a Server
with FreeBSD" from No Starch Press. It is a really quick book that is easy
to read and in the end you have your own server full of nice stuff. Once you
setup your first FreeBSD server, you will never want to go back to Linux or

RevServer engine runs fine with the Linux binary emulator thing but the
database external does not which kills half the usefulness of RevServer in
such systems. Once we had engines for other unixes such as HP-UX and
FreeBSD. I think building RevServer for at least FreeBSD would be a GREAT
addition but I know that the mothership has enough platforms to worry so
far. Heck, even if they built a RevServer for FreeBSD once a year and left
it with no update until the next year, it would be GREAT!

Anyway... will install CentOS here, need MySQL to work with RevServer, it is
a pitty, my FreeBSD box looked and felt really GOOD!

PS: Anyone following building a server with freebsd book can try it out on
virtualbox... building servers is fun (a masochistic kind of fun but once it
is working it is really good, at least until it breaks...)

Andre "Nostalgia for BSD" Garzia

On Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 6:08 PM, Andre Garzia <andre at andregarzia.com> wrote:

> give me a couple days, I will install pg here and try it out... I have
> mysql installed but so far no testing done because I can't believe it will
> actually work and am afraid that my beliefs will again be shattered (I
> thought that linux compat would never work)
> On Wed, Apr 13, 2011 at 5:58 PM, Pierre Sahores <psahores at free.fr> wrote:
>> RevServer works OK under OpenSuse. It's the revdb.so and/or revPG.so whose
>> don't.
>> > I think I got it running on OpenSuse 11.0 or something like that but if
>> I
>> > rememeber correctly it involved installing some libraries by hand.
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