iOS reliability of reachability on WIFI networks

Jim Lambert jiml at
Mon Apr 18 15:49:02 EDT 2011

BobS wrote:

> Maybe retry 3 times? A weak connection may not be there one minute and then be there the next. If any of the 3 times fails, report to the user that the connection is weak. But if you are getting this with strong signals then it's obviously something else. 

Thanks, Bob. In all cases there is actually a connection and the app is able to easily access URLs. The problem lies in the incorrect result reported by the reachability function. 
'reachabilityInfo' returns empty (meaning no Internet connection) even though the Internet is quite accessible by both this app and other applications.

Toggling Airplane mode or WIFI, itself, jogs the function into reporting truthfully. Once you do that then everything is fine afterwards. But it should be correct from the get-go.

Jim Lambert

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