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Thu Apr 14 16:05:14 EDT 2011

How to use LiveCode <use-livecode at> on April-14-11 at 12:05 PM -0700 wrote:
>I would think you want to add another choice for the user that is the  
>stored data value.
>Caution, what if tSal is empty ??
>     (note: HTML ignores CR chars)
><SELECT name="Salution" >
><OPTION selected value="">-- Please Select --</OPTION>
><OPTION value="<?rev put tSal ?>"><?rev put tSal ?></OPTION>
><OPTION value=Mr>Mr</OPTION>
><OPTION value=Mrs>Mrs</OPTION>
><OPTION value=Ms>Ms</OPTION>
>You could add an IF to skip in the case of empty.
>if tSal is not empty then put <OPTION value="<?rev put tSal ?>"><?rev  
>put tSal ?></OPTION>
>Hope this works for you.  At least this should get you close to the  
>correct solution.
>(not tested, but it looks OK )
I take care of the conditions, and my original question was just plain dumb.\
I have it sorted out.
Stewart Lynch
CreaTECH Solutions
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