Substack Confusion

John Allijn john.allijn at
Thu Apr 14 04:58:32 EDT 2011


I'm having some trouble with a substack. I created a mainstack (used as splash-screen) and a substack containing data. (mac+win deployment)

After some trial and error I got this working, but I made the 'mistake' of trying to update some of the code in the substack. These changes work when I open my substack in livecode directly, but the previous version of my substack is being launched after a "go to stack data_stack" from within the mainstack. 

I deleted the link of the stack in the Standalone-preferences and added it again, but now I can't jump to the substack all together.

What is the correct way to use a mainstack/substack combination and what is the best way to update either one of them if needed?


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