Weird cursor freeze

David Glasgow david at
Tue Apr 12 05:48:23 EDT 2011

Hello folks,

Banging my head against a wall on this one.

I have a mainstack with several substacks.  One substack presents 10 images, which the user rates.  I do some funny business with the cursor during this, to make the cursor disappear after a rating is made, and reappear at the mid point on a bipolar scale ready for the next rating.  The cursor is also constrained within the scale area during rating to prevent accidental clicks outwith the scale.  That all works fine. Data is gathered fine, with the cursor moving and changing as it should in all circumstances.

At the end of the ratings, I have a routine that resets stuff and prepares the ratings to be either run again (button starter") or user return to the mainstack ("continue").  It is a very innocuous handler.

on finish
   hide button "N  e  x  t   p  i  c  t  u  r  e"
   hide group "raters"
   hide group "blocker"
   show button "continue"
   show button "starter"
   --   repeat 5 times
   --      set the cursor to busy
   --   end repeat
   --   unlock cursor
   --   set cursor to hand
   --   wait 1 sec
   --   set cursor to cross
   --   wait 1 sec
   --   set cursor to arrow
end finish

The commented section is stuff I put in to try to find out what was going on.  The script runs fine but then the cursor freezes in position, and displaying as whatever icon was last set.  Oddly, the cursor is locked in the same place in all open apps, so switching between finder etc. and LC doesn't help.  Using shortcuts to switch in and out of browse/edit mode doesn't work.  The only way out I have found in the dev environment is to invoke the preferences stack via shortcut, and THEN switch between browse and edit mode via keyboard.  This allows the cursor to move, but it sticks with whatever icon was set until it feels like changing for no obvious reason, although sometimes in response to a command.  I have tried various cursor related commands within the "finish" handler, all of which appear to be executed correctly, but always followed by the system wide cursor lock up.

Running the debugger prevents the problem arising, so it isn't much help.  Sadly, the problem isn't restricted to the dev environment, and I have to force quit standalones on Mac.  All this is on Mac, running LC 4.0 and 4.5
  Could it be a problem with the mac cursor stack?  If so, how should I set about exploring that possibility?

This is ruining a nice days scripting that I have been looking forward to for weeks, so any help would be gratefully received.

Best Wishes,

David Glasgow
Carlton Glasgow Partnership

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