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Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Thu Apr 7 21:10:57 EDT 2011

Hi passive watchers

Getting two people per week from the community to make a show is very stressful, and we are pondering ways to reduce that load. To keep up the current frequency and amount of content, we would need more presenters, and also someone else besides Mark and me to manage the show. That task is basically equal to sending spam mail for acquiring presenters, announcing the show, and then guiding watchers in chat during the presentation. If you think that could be a service you'd like to do, then please contact me or mark directly.

Everyone here has something to show, so please step up and tell us what you will present when. Please contact me or Mark directly.

As for this event, Jim Ault will pop in again on short notice, and explain a few things about on-rev, server scripting, html, javascript, and maybe even talk a bit about revIginiter.

David on the other hand, will do one of his usual secret shows.

Join the event on ChatRev at these times, this Saturday:
Brussels 20:00
New York 15:00
Los Angeles 12:00
Melbourne 06:00 (Sun)

To attend, simply join ChatRev. Get it here:
or enter in the message box:
go stack URL ""

For recordings of past events, visit the blog:

I'm kinda down

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