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Tue Apr 5 08:41:49 EDT 2011

There will be a folder published on the network. Any user from any system in the network is able to drop files into that folder.
The Mac running the app must be able to drop files in that folder as well.
When files are dropped, they will be copied to the source of that published folder, so there is some delay involved.

Only when the files are completely copied to that folder, my app needs to start copying

By scripting "System Events" I know when the mac running the app is copying a file, so I can wait until local finder-copies are finished, but I need to make sure it will be ok to start processing files when they are copied from a remote Mac or PC to the dropfolder.


On 5-apr-2011, at 14:34, Jim Sims wrote:

> On Apr 5, 2011, at 2:21 PM, tkuypers at wrote:
>> Can't do that, everything needs to be setup and controlled by the LiveCode app.
>> A folder actions would require a regular user to setup this, and you know how clever users are ;-)
> If OS X you are talking about, can you write an Applescript for the action you need? Then use that script for what you think the user needs to do?
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