practical size limitations?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Apr 1 14:09:01 EDT 2011

Louis Janus wrote:

> A few basic questions:
> 1. I assume it would be best to use a database as a backend to the
> ultimate dictionary, but I am quite sure that I don't have the skills
> to set up SQLite or any other database proficiently. (I can learn, I'm
> sure, however)
> 2. If I take the easy way out and list each headword and its forms on
> a separate card, will a large number of cards slow the searching and
> displaying of items beyond usefulness?
> 3. Does anyone know of such a language dictionary developed using LiveCode?

How much data, in terms of both the number of records and the total size 
of the data set?

SQLite isn't hard to learn and would certainly do the job, but unless 
you need relationality or the data set is particularly large (>~50MB) 
you'll find there are a surprisingly broad range of options available 
for data storage with Rev, my personal favorite being custom properties.

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