practical size limitations?

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Fri Apr 1 12:11:21 EDT 2011

I don't have much experience using LC as a storage method but the manual
recommends that if you have more than 2000 records to store you should
consider using an external database.  SQLite is not hard to learn and there
are a lot of tutorials out on the web, plus free SQLite management tools.
 I'd say you'll spend a lot more time learning how to use LiveCode than how
to set up a simple SQLite database, although the LC learning curve is very
much worthwhile.

On Fri, Apr 1, 2011 at 7:56 AM, Louis Janus <janus005 at> wrote:

> Dear  use-livecode
> I am beginning work on a learner's dictionary for Norwegian, and am
> looking into using LiveCode.
> A few basic questions:
> 1. I assume it would be best to use a database as a backend to the
> ultimate dictionary, but I am quite sure that I don't have the skills
> to set up SQLite or any other database proficiently. (I can learn, I'm
> sure, however)
> 2. If I take the easy way out and list each headword and its forms on
> a separate card, will a large number of cards slow the searching and
> displaying of items beyond usefulness?
> 3. Does anyone know of such a language dictionary developed using LiveCode?
> Thanks for any input and ideas.
> Louis Janus
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