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Sun Sep 26 10:12:15 CDT 2010


Check on RevOnline, I have a revolution built metaweblog tool there.
Actually we use the same libraries on our HPI Generator. The code is there
for doing all basic wordpress posting stuff.


On Sun, Sep 26, 2010 at 3:16 AM, Sivakatirswami <katir at> wrote:

>  I'm trying to translate a Ruby frame work for posting to Word press into a
> Revolution upload script.
> I don't know what I'm doing, so this is a fishing expedition (smile) and
> tomorrow I will go study the Word Press API and see if it is better tackling
> this without Ruby code in the middle of the R & D.
> the "listener" on the server is the /blog/myblog/xmlrpc.php
> script that handles input.
> The API in use by the ruby example we already have working on the server to
> post from a  web page on the same box via local host, is using the
> MetaWebLogAPI.
> I think I have cornered the key parts of the script:
> Ruby has this function:
> -------------------
> require  xmlrpc/client
>    def newPost(content, publish)
>'metaWeblog.newPost', @blogid, @username,
>          @password, content, publish)
>    end
> where content is
> content = {
>      'title' => title,
>      'description' => post
>    }
> and publish is a  boolean string, either "true" or "false"
> -----------
> I'm assuming I can talk to this xmlrpc.php  remotely, assuming the log in
> details are here. The ruby library "client.rb"  which is required is over my
> head completely, but I'm assuming that the RevXMLRPC liberay should work, if
> I knew what I was doing, which I don't
> I gave it this much of a "stab" and I will later keep plugging away in the
> dark if anyone has any ideas, let me know.
> on mouseUp
>  local tRequest
>  put revXMLRPC_CreateRequest(field "Host",field "Port",field "Path",field
> "Protocol") into tRequest
>  revXMLRPC_AddParam tRequest, "int", "1" # blog ide
>  revXMLRPC_AddParam tRequest, "string", "user"
>  revXMLRPC_AddParam tRequest, "string", "password"
>  revXMLRPC_AddParam tRequest, "string", "metaWeblog.newPost" # I think the
> xmlrpc.php needs this...
>  revXMLRPC_AddParam tRequest, "string", "Testing" # title of the post
>  revXMLRPC_AddParam tRequest, "string", "Cool article" #
> description-article content
>  revXMLRPC_AddParam tRequest, "string", "false" # send to drafts for now,
> don't publish.
>  put revXMLRPC_Execute(tRequest) into  fld "result" # I get a number
>  put tRequest into fld "result" # I would like to see what the request
> looks like but I don't get anything here...
> end mouseUp
> How do you get LiveCode to show you the full xml that has been built?  That
> is being sent to the server?
> Sivakatirswami
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