Refreshing a card

Monte Goulding monte at
Sun Oct 31 23:01:28 CDT 2010

Hi Mark

What do you mean by moving off the card and back on? Go to a different card of that stack or suspend and resume stack / application?

Also you may need to provide your setprop handler for this property because there's nothing wrong with your menu code.



On 01/11/2010, at 2:52 PM, Mark Smith wrote:

> Hello all, by now most of you are probably familiar with my silly questions
> (born of, I am afraid, too many years engrossed in procedural programming
> languages). Here we go. I have a menu option called "Toggle Date Stamp" and
> it toggles on/off the display of a date stamp on the card. When you select
> it you might expect that the card goes from displaying the date stamp to not
> displaying the date stamp ad infinitum. Not so. In fact nothing changes. If
> I move off the card and then back on I see the correct behaviour but not
> while I am actually on the card (or any card). I am guessing that in the
> Toggle Date Stamp menu code (below) I need to send a message to the card to
> "refresh" itself. But what message?
> case "Toggle Date Stamp"
>         set the showDateStamp of this stack to not the showDateStamp of
> this stack
>         -- insert some message to get the current card to "redisplay"
> itself
>         break
>   end switch
> (Note, yes the showDateStamp property is in the stack because it effects the
> behaviour of all of the cards, not particular ones. Hopefully I've got that
> bit of logic right :-)
> Thanks for your patience,
> -- Mark
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