Refreshing a card

Terry Judd tsj at
Sun Oct 31 23:57:26 EDT 2010

Mark - if you want to do a general refresh the card then just call openCard
in your handler. If all you want to do is refresh the date stamp object then
add something like...

Set the visible of grp/fld/whatever "dateStamp" to the showDateStamp of this
stack your case statement



On 1/11/10 2:52 PM, "Mark Smith" <Mark_Smith at> wrote:

> Hello all, by now most of you are probably familiar with my silly questions
> (born of, I am afraid, too many years engrossed in procedural programming
> languages). Here we go. I have a menu option called "Toggle Date Stamp" and
> it toggles on/off the display of a date stamp on the card. When you select
> it you might expect that the card goes from displaying the date stamp to not
> displaying the date stamp ad infinitum. Not so. In fact nothing changes. If
> I move off the card and then back on I see the correct behaviour but not
> while I am actually on the card (or any card). I am guessing that in the
> Toggle Date Stamp menu code (below) I need to send a message to the card to
> "refresh" itself. But what message?
>  case "Toggle Date Stamp"
>          set the showDateStamp of this stack to not the showDateStamp of
> this stack
>          -- insert some message to get the current card to "redisplay"
> itself
>          break
>    end switch
> (Note, yes the showDateStamp property is in the stack because it effects the
> behaviour of all of the cards, not particular ones. Hopefully I've got that
> bit of logic right :-)
> Thanks for your patience,
> -- Mark

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