How to reorder lines in a list field

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Eric Chatonet also published a "how to" that does exactly what you want:

Good luck


Le 30 oct. 2010 à 15:18, André Bisseret a écrit :

> Bonjour,
> I am trying to get a list field where it would be possible to reorder the lines.
> (is there somewhere any tutorial or any solution on this?)
> I started from a script from Éric Chatonet that allow moving lines from field1 to field2, modifying it to drag lines in one field only.
> I succeeded in a test stack:  in a list field, all works as expected with a dragImage).
> My problem is that when I put exactly the same script in a field of an app. I am developing, it does not works any more:
> The dragged line is deleted when releasing the mouse (except if I drag outside the field and then back in it: then that works!!!!
> I am fighting with that for hours now, and can't find what is wrong.
> My last surprise is that if I don't create (set) any dragImage, then all works as expected.
> I am getting crazy
> The worst thing is that the same script works well in a field on my test stack and not on the field on my other stack (the two fields have exactly the same properties).
> Any idea on what could be wrong?
> Thanks a lot in advance
> Best regards from Grenoble
> André
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