the siglum key ???

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Sat Oct 30 03:34:10 EDT 2010

Ugh; Apple, not content with hiding the # key from people on the East 
side of the Atlantic
have also been playing "silly buggers" with the physical layout of 

For instance:

My non-American (this includes my English & Arabic Mac keyboard) 
keyboards have a
siglum key in the top-left corner = rawKeyDown 0, and American keyboards 
have a
"funny apostrophe" key in the same place = rawKeyDown 96.  rawKeyDown 96 on
the non-American keyboards is snuggled down left of the Z key.

For virtual keyboard people (like myself) working with LiveCode this is
a right pox as, frankly, the thought of trying to set up some sort of 
detection routine followed by a "dance of the vampires" sort of arrangement
whereby various buttons would merrily shift their position depending on 
the keyboard
layout gives me the willies . . .

Err . . . anybody know a way, within LiveCode/RunRev to detect an end-user's
physical keyboard?????


Francophones get a free "word study" exercise with most of my postings . 
. .  :)

NOW; in your livres vocabulaires, s'il vous plait?

1. Pox

2. Willies

3. Silly Buggers

4. Snuggle down

and may you all curse me for the hoofdpijn . . .  :)


Happy Saturday, Richmond.

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