This probably reflects my complete ignorance, but...

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Fri Oct 29 02:54:25 EDT 2010

  I use RunRev in my lab: indeed, it does everything in my lab: all of my lab computers have it, except they have it as Metacard, but that shouldn't be an issue (or if it is, then I really have an issue, as it has to be in the Metacard IDE!).  I never create standalones (well, I have done so to respond to beta-release questions, but that is not my usual use).  I use Metacard to do everything: it is the hypercard of now.  So, EVERYTHING I do runs in the IDE.  I don't want it otherwise (I have self-modifying code and all sorts of horrors you don't want to know about), because I like the original hypercard ideal: it is how I work and think.

  Ok, that out of the way: I have a simple stack to edit face photographs to eye-align them.  That means: simple scaling, rotating, and translating.  Trivial.  And not a problem.  But, I need to locate the eyes in each photo first.  So, I designed a simple stack to have the user *in the Metacard IDE* drag a line between the eyes to get the coordinates of the eyes in the photograph.  Again, simple.  BUT: in the Metacard IDE, as soon as I script-select the line to allow the user to draw the line so my code can get the rect, it switches the IDE to edit mode, which means any subsequent clicks on buttons (to indicate that the line has been drawn, etc.) put that button (or whatever object) into edit mode, so the intent of the object is lost.  Suggestions?  Remember, they have to work within the Metacard IDE, and I can't know ahead of time when the user has finished drawing or adjusting the line.  Obviously, the Metacard IDE itself has solved the problem (e.g., all of the IDE stacks remain in use not edit modes), but I remain baffled.

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