Rev as Linux Shell Script

Bill Andersen andersen at
Thu Oct 28 15:08:42 EDT 2010

> If you stick to the 3.5 engine or switch to RevServer but want to do some
> net stuff not enabled by libURL, you can always shell() to cURL and be
> happy.

Yes.  However, I'm still having to work with 'non-rev' syntax (learning how cURL works).  As it turns out, I already know most of it (bash'ing for so long), but that knowledge of how to use cURL or shell out to any other Unix shell command (awk, sed, etc.) really won't translate over to Rev if I want to use it as my primary development tool.  For example, if I want to FTP a file from a LiveCode project developed for use on Windows, then I would be better off using libURL.  (Yes, I know cURL could be installed on Win, but I'm wanting to simplify things) So, I've got to not only work with all the Unix tools while developing at the 'shell' level, I've also got to learn all the LiveCode ways of doing the same task.  That is what I am doing, I was just hoping to to use Rev at the shell level (since most of my work is done there) in order to get more proficient with the Rev/LiveCode syntax.  Kill two birds with one stone!

So, the short answer is: "No, Rev will not work well as a shell scripting language 'out of the box'"

I've used PHP to do 'shell utilities', I sure wish Rev could act similar.  How nice would it be to just have one language/syntax for the bulk of your code.

Thanks to all


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