Rev as Linux Shell Script

Andre Garzia andre at
Thu Oct 28 11:32:53 EDT 2010

> I also am keen to use LiveCode to write "shell" programs and believe that
> it is possible by adopting a slightly different approach. I believe that if
> you build a "standalone" of your script, you can run the 'standalone"
> program with the -ui argument.

This approach has a couple of drawbacks:

(1) The compiled application can't be easily changed. If you're working with
a headless setup which you access thru ssh, then, you can't trivially build
LiveCode standalones since you can't actually launch the IDE and the
Standalone Builder. So any change needed to the application would need to be
done on your desktop machine and then uploaded to the headless setup which
is tedious and error prone.

(2) The standalone will be linked against X11, GTK and whatever other
libraries LiveCode is linked against these days. You might be surprised to
see it fail when such libraries are not installed. I don't think RevServer
is linked against those libraries so there's a change that it is more
portable. The -ui option will not initialize the graphics layer but the
standalone will still be linked against such libraries.

The only reason to go with the standalone approach is to "protect" the
source code of the application. This can actually be solved thru EULAs,
contracts and other lawyer enchantments as well.


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