Close File question

Bob Sneidar bobs at
Tue Oct 26 16:43:07 EDT 2010

I was going to say, the full path might look like "Macintosh HD/Users/bobsneidar/Documents/Test File.txt", but this did not work. When I substituted the forward slashes with colon's, it DID create a file, but it was called "Macintosh HD/Users/bobsneidar/Documents/Test File.txt" (that is the real name of the file not the path) and it put it in the Applications folder! EEEK! It's not Holloween yet!


On Oct 26, 2010, at 9:20 AM, charles61 wrote:

> Bob,
> I thought that I was using the full filePath (/Users/cszasz/Documents/S504 School Personnel/Tom Jones.txt)! And how do you use a literal in closing a file?
> Charles Szasz
> cszasz at

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