RunRev Enterprise 5.5 OSX to Windows XP

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There's no easy way to do what your asking. Some email clients support the attachment field in a mailto url but not many. Does the user need to use their mail client? If it's just a matter of emailing in the results and you have access to a web server then posting to a php or irev script that then sends the email is an easy way to do that.



On 26/10/2010, at 11:19 AM, <bsummerton at> <bsummerton at> wrote:

> I am programming on a Mac and exporting standalone for Windows XP and
> higher.  IHave written a script that puts the contents of a field named
> "Results" into an email  - auto filling out To/ CC/ and Subject.  But there
> are over 1500 characters from the field "Results" which will not fit into
> the email content due to windows limitation!!!  I have tried to attach the
> content of the field "Results" as a PDF under the latest update of Rev
> Enterprise, (as per RunRev Documentation) but I have not been able to get
> this to work either.  Can ANYONE please demonstrate for me a script that I
> can I use to creat a PDF of my field "Results" that is automatically loaded
> into an email client to "bsum at" with a subject "Test Results." 
> Thank you in advance.
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