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Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Mon Oct 25 09:13:24 EDT 2010

> Hello,
> Mac OS 10.6.4 / LiveCode 4.5
> When I create a standalone, LiveCode make automatically an "About..." menu in the application menubar...
> How can I pick this menu item ?

In the "user guide" pdf you can find this entry on page 263: 

The Help menu and the "About This Application" menu item

When LiveCode sets up the Mac OS menu bar, it automatically makes the last button the Help menu (regardless of the button's name). The standard Help menu items, such as "About This Application" and "Show Balloons" on Mac OS Classic, are included for you automatically; you don't need to include them in your Help menu button, and you can't eliminate them from the Help menu.
LiveCode moves the last menu item in the Help menu to the "About This Application" position. On Mac OS systems, this is the first menu item in the Apple menu. On OS X systems, it's the first menu item in the Application menu. Therefore, the last menu item in your Help menu button should be an appropriate "About" item. The menu item above it must be a divider line (a dash), and above that must be at least one menu item to be placed in the Help menu.


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