Https, sslVerification, certificates - huh?

Jim Sims sims at
Mon Oct 25 04:42:29 EDT 2010

Maybe there is a cookie involved somewhere?


On Oct 25, 2010, at 10:39 AM, Terry Judd wrote:

> Attention web gurus,
> I’m probably going about it all wrong but I’m still struggling to retrieve
> data from a series of secure (https) websites. Each of these sites requires
> a username and password and I can post these along with the url and am able
> to retrieve the expected result but ONLY if I set libURLSetSSLVerifaction to
> false. If I don’t do this I get nothing back from the url – a blank result.
> While setting libURLSetSSLVerifaction to false gets things moving I suppose?
> that doing so means the transaction isn’t really secure?? I’ve tried setting
> the sslCertificates (by first loading the sites in Firefox and exporting the
> certificates) but that doesn’t seem to work. I’m moving well past my comfort
> zone with this stuff and am close to admitting defeat – but I really need to
> get this stuff working for a major edu project I’m working on.
> Rev 4.5 – OSX 10.6
> Any tips or ideas?
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