on-rev + postgreSQL

Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at gmail.com
Sat Oct 23 06:54:34 EDT 2010

Hi All, I've got 3 sec spare to throw out a question and then I got to get
back to work - I think Pierre is the one to answer this one.

I've got my postgreSQL db all sorted out on on-rev, and can happily access
it via irev (thanks Sarah and Andre for your online examples). My problem is
I can't access the db with another user, only my primary on-rev login ID and
password. I created a new user using cPanel, when I log in via phpPgAdmin
(using my on-rev details) and check Privileges the new User is listed, but
when I swap the new user details into my iRev script it fails to work.

What have I done wrong?

Also, how do I login using phpPgAdmin using the new user. Currently when I
click on phpPgAdmin in cPanel it automatically logs me in using my primary
account, I don't see anywhere where I can specify using a different user

Any advise hugely appreciated - and if I don't respond for a couple of days
please realise that there is still a few drops of blood left in this stone
that my employer has yet to wring out :-(

Oh, shhh, the boss is coming...

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