Tab Panel - how to change the hilited selection?

Andre Garzia andre at
Fri Oct 22 13:20:44 EDT 2010


let me try to understand, you have a tab panel as a background group which
has a go to card in the menupick handler right?

When you navigate to a card without using the tab menu, it fails to hilite
the correct card there.

Then you do like this, on the menupick, you check if you are going to the
card that is the actual default card, like going to itself, if so, you exit
not to enter an infinite loop. On your opencard handler you set the
menuhistory to the current card.

does this solve your problem?

On Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 3:12 PM, Kee Nethery <kee at> wrote:

> Thanks Andre, but ...
> On Oct 22, 2010, at 9:49 AM, Andre Garzia wrote:
> > I think you can do it with the menuhistory
> this is what I was using:
>     set the menuhistory of button "NavBar" to 5
> I thought that was the correct code but I find that when I set the
> menuhistory on a tab panel, it navigates to the card for that tab. It is as
> though someone pressed the button. It does not appear to set the hilite for
> the button that I want hilited.
> I am using 4.5.0
> Is it a bug? Or is it doing what it is documented to do?
> Kee Nethery
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