Open a property inspector by script ?

John Dixon dixonja at
Fri Oct 22 11:29:41 EDT 2010


There are days that pass you by when it seems that you have not learned much... there are other days when you learn something and the facts just get stored away, maybe for recall at some point in the future... and now and again there are days when you learn so much it makes you tired... this has been one of those days... I am now sat down resting...

Thanks for your reply... you have put a smile on my face..

be well


> From: shaosean at
> To: use-revolution at
> Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2010 09:35:29 -0400
> Subject: Re: Open a property inspector by script ?
> on mouseUp
>    # get the target of this control
>    local tTargetID
>    put the long id of the target into tTargetID
>    # create the inspector linked to this control
>    send "revBuildPropertyPalette tTargetID" to stack  
> "revTemplatePalette"
>    # get the name of the inspector linked to this control
>    local tPaletteName
>    put revPropertyPalettes(tTargetID) into tPaletteName
>    # bring the inspector stack into use so we can use the scripts from  
> it (we could do this with the value() function)
>    start using stack tPaletteName
>    # get the text for the drop down menu (the first line is the object  
> type)
>    local tTabs
>    put revObjectTabs2(tTargetID) into tTabs
>    # lock the screen so we do not see the selection handles
>    lock screen
>    select tTargetID
>    # get the proper geometry card to display
>    local tDefaultCard
>    put revGeometryCard() into tDefaultCard
>    # deselect the control and unlock the screen
>    select EMPTY
>    unlock screen
>    # go to the correct inspector pane
>    revBuildPropertyPaletteGoCard tDefaultCard, tPaletteName,  
> tTargetID, tTabs
>    # get the inspector to remember the pane it is displaying
>    revRememberPane
>    # no longer need the palette's scripts
>    stop using stack tPaletteName
> end mouseUp
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