Tabbing out of a text field

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Thu Oct 21 18:02:15 EDT 2010

Craig Newman on October 21, 2010 at 1:45 PM -0700 wrote:
>You could trap the "tabKey" message.

There has to be something else.  I am looking at an earlier project that I
developed and I have a field that when I press TAB, I am moved on to the
next field, just as if I had pressed Return.
I see no trapping of the TabKey in that project.

What am I missing? Or what should I look for.
I want to have fields that have one line of entry only and when you press
Tab, it moves on to the next field.
I have set the field to be "Tab on Return" so that traps the return key,
but pressing TAB, adds a tab to text.
In my earlier project it just moves on.
Help :)


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