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For your interest, the TUAW blog post some early reactions from developers to the coming of the Mac App store:
Much shorter, and authored by a pioneer of iPhone jailbreaking (that is, before there was an SDK and an App store), TUAW's own Erica Sadun:
The comparison  of numbers is staggering.
Le 21 oct. 2010 à 22:49, Chipp Walters a écrit :

> Apocalyptic? Not sure that's the right word, unless one's world revolves around Apple and what they will do.
> Consider it was mere months ago when Steve told us all, "Netbooks aren't better than anything, they're just cheap laptops" and yesterday he announces Apple's first netbook. 
> Also from a popular Gadget blog: 
> "The same happened with video iPods and smartphones and tablets too. One day he trashes something... And the next day, that something is the best thing ever. That something being THEIR thing." 
> Seriously, is it too far a stretch to picture Jobs on the stage in the not too distant future saying,
> "Our customers tell us what a great and safe experience it is purchasing their software from the Mac AppStore. And now with over 1 million apps there, we think it's a great idea for everyone to use the AppStore to manage their software collections. Of course, if you really want to, you can install your own unapproved apps, but you should know it now voids our warranty as we cannot be responsible anymore for the safety of the Operating System or the hardware. Besides, you should always know that in our AppStore, 'There's an App for That!' Thanks for all the fantastic support on this and see you in the AppStore!"
> Maybe Apocalyptic is the right word describing the experience-- for the developers. Especially the ones who depend on their direct customer relations to continue to promote their wares.
> Chipp Walters
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> On Oct 21, 2010, at 3:24 PM, Bob Sneidar <bobs at twft.com> wrote:
>> Forgive me, but this view of the future seems apocalyptic.  alternatives will just fade away.
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