Progress bar with lock?

Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Oct 21 15:19:26 EDT 2010

Recently, charles61 wrote:

> I have an app that I am working on that takes a few seconds to clear fields,
> reset radio buttons and checkboxes before it goes to the second card. During
> this time, the screen is locked. I wanted to show a progress bar during this
> process is going on. Is there anyway to show a progress bar while the screen
> is locked? Is there a way to fake a progress bar while the screen is locked?

AFAIK, there's no way to do this.  I could have sworn screen locking used to
affect whatever stack was active at the time it was called, but currently it
affects all stacks.  You might consider throwing up a text message "One
moment please..." while the cleanup happens, but I don't believe there's any
way to have just a portion of the screen locked.


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