[OT] Mac App Store

Martin Koob mkoob at rogers.com
Thu Oct 21 14:21:25 EDT 2010

Andre Garzia <andre at ...> writes:

> Folks,
> check out: http://www.apple.com/mac/app-store/
> <http://www.apple.com/mac/app-store/>Will our LiveCode apps be featured
> there? So far we do not know since the thing was announced 10 minutes ago,
> but one can only hope!
> Andre

I agree with other comments here that there is a risk that  LiveCode
 Applications may be excluded from the Mac App Store either explicitly 
by a future requirement that only applications developed with XCode 
be included or implicitly by the requirement that a third party 
application's interface elements or behaviours be identical to 
those created by XCode.   

To prevent the second scenario from excluding an application a 
response would be for RunRev to ensure that LiveCode's interface 
elements for Mac OS standalones have feature parity with Mac OS controls. 

This does not prevent the first scenario though.   I wonder if the 
response to a possible requirement for Xcode developed applications 
should be to  establishing a LiveCode App store where Livecode 
Developers could showcase and sell their applications.  This would 
leave you free to use the registration and licencing system,  third 
party installers that you want but still have the advantages offered 
by a congregated application store that would help you market your work.   

Martin Koob

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