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Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Oct 19 13:59:27 EDT 2010

Whiskey Tango?

What Len Morgan wrote was:
 > This is all a moot point now since I have just been informed by
 > Heather that the only way the on-rev server can be set up to do
 > this is if you give them all of the IP addresses that people are
 > going to connect from and they will allow those IP addresses to
 > connect.

Unless I missed something earlier in this thread, it seems he's writing 
about blocking access based on IPs, and all Heather did was remind him 
of what Pierre wrote here, that given the majority of folks who use 
dynamic IPs that isn't practical.

FWIW, On-Rev does indeed provide unlimited databases:

    MySQL 5.0.67 Databases: Unlimited
    PostgreSQL Databases: Unlimited

Back to the original topic, granting/restricting access based on IPs is 
risky and prone to error if any of your users have dynamic IPs, for the 
reasons Pierre noted earlier this morning.

IP-based restrictions can be somewhat useful for some institutional 
customers where fixed IP ranges can be known to belong to the customer. 
  I use it myself on a subscription site I manage for a client, but not 
as an alternative to login authentication but merely as an extra 
restriction on top of the login requirement; I would never rely on IP 
address alone.

With individual users on dynamic IPs, the risk is that the IP they're 
using right now may be reassigned to someone else later, providing 
unauthorized access to unknowable individuals.  Granting access by range 
only exacerbates the risk.

So while it's sometimes useful, IP-based access doesn't appear to be a 
practical option for Mr. Morgan, leaving him to consider more 
conventional options like a simple login as most sites require for 
authenticated access.

Andrew, you can hopefully breathe easier now.  Relax and enjoy your 
unlimited databases.

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