dragData["files"] question

FlexibleLearning admin at FlexibleLearning.com
Mon Oct 18 08:25:37 EDT 2010

Mike Wrote:
>If it were me i'd sidestep the whole issue and just use a separate home
>rolled container to store tFilePaths, whether it be a property or whatever.

Have come to the same conclusion. Drat. Means a more complicated
implementation, but not rocket science.

Jacque wrote:
>I think you can only set the dragdata if the drag initiates in LiveCode.
>If the drag starts from a different app, like the Finder, then it isn't
>settable. I haven't tested that exactly but that's my interpretation of
>the entry in the docs.

Yup. That insight does make sense. I have added a dictionary comment to this

>Since your dragEnter handler successfully populates a file list, can't
>you just use that instead of trying to reset the drag array? Seems to me
>by the time you get to "dragEnter" you are already in the object and
>ready to act on it.

Normally yes, but in this instance drops can take place in different places,
so the dragEnter is only used as an indicator.

Hugh Senior

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