Franklin Audio Intro Pricing Ends Soon; New Testable Too!

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Hi Robert,

> Thanks for the offer... Id' love to participate.. but still would have liked
> just a little more information !!

This Audio plugin is WRAPPER to famous OpenAL   audio library.

I think you can and should its own site to get answers on all your

This library is used very widely for game development.
This library present right in MAC OS X as framework. - And we link to it.
> 1) what kind of sounds can we play? formats?
> 2) what kind of sounds can we record?
> 3) are there any basic edit and mix function? (sound level, cut, append,
> soft merge..)
> 4) multi channel : possible to loop a basic sound and add some more on
> events on top?

> I tried last version and got same irregular error at start up of combined
> sounds.. and then ok.

Win / mac?

Latest beta archive contains new simplified second example for

> And found no information of any sort.. !

We provide mainly WIKI for Franklin Audio API which is in REV style.

Agree not many sense for us, to repeat info located on original OpenAL site.

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