[ANN] NativeGeometry 2.1 - New unlimited evaluation edition!

Damien Girard dam-pro.girard at laposte.net
Sun Oct 17 15:12:29 EDT 2010

Dear LiveCode user,

I am proud to announce the release of NativeGeometry 2.1, this new versions
brings major enhancement/bug fixes and the most important, a new evaluation

Note: NativeGeometry 2.1 is a free update.

-> Evaluation edition
NativeGeometry 2.1 Evaluation edition does not anymore limits the number of
objects to 3, you can now add an unlimited number of objects to
Instead, there is nag screen that will appear in the standalones and inside
the LiveCode IDE.

This means that you can try fully NativeGeometry, notably you will be able
to play with the Automatic dependency solver ;), the API and more...

-> NativeGeometry 2.1 main changelog

- Tutorials are now included inside the help center. (Click "NativeGeometry
User Guide and Tutorials")
- NativeGeometry now can be uninstalled from the "About" screen. (Button
- Fixed a bug in the automatic dependency solver with graphic objects.
- Changing the icon of a button will not anymore produce an incorrect
- Fixed a bug that made NativeGeometry not able to open stack located in a
folder name that contained an "of" or an "id".
- Fixed few regressions over NativeSpeak 1.x Geometry Manager
- - Buttons with icons are now correctly resized.
- - Buttons with icons ignores now the minimal OS width.
- - Buttons with icons sizes are now correct, as margins were added.
- - If the icon of a button with textalign set to "center" is > to the text
width, the button takes now the width of the icon.
- And more...

-> How to get NativeGeometry 2.1 ?

Simply go to http://www.nativesoft.fr/download, or in RevOnline
"NativeGeometry Web Installer".
Download the NativeGeometry Web Installer stack, launch it, install
NativeGeometry, restart LiveCode then start using NativeGeometry 2.1.

-> And about the NativeDoc update ?

I am meeting some problems with Internet Explorer 6 and JSTree 1.0,
NativeDoc 1.6 is producing smaller and faster documentation but I cannot
release it until I fixed the IE 6 problem.

-> Any other news ?

The NativeSoft website has been updated too, and is more readable :)

Kind Regards,

Damien Girard
NativeSoft, France.

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