[ANN] Simple RPN Calculator on RevOnline

André Bisseret andre.bisseret at wanadoo.fr
Thu Oct 14 08:20:58 EDT 2010

Le 14 oct. 10 à 12:17, Francis Nugent Dixon a écrit :

> Hi from Beautiful Brittany,
> Andre,
> Nice, handy little calculator.
> (I didn't check out all the possibilities !)
> However, I think light grey commands on dark
> grey buttons are hard to read, especially for
> the +, -, * and /.
> Maybe push the fontsize up to 18, or even 24
> where possible ?
> I have spent hours trying to find out the nicest
> mix of "colour 1 on background 2", and although
> not very imaginative, I am forced to admit that
> black on white is close to the best, with dark

> blue on very light yellow, close behind,

That's confirmed by results of researches in Ergonomics

Dark text on light background combination are recommanded; among these  
kinds of combinations the black on white one brings the best  
legibility (and users' judgement of pleasantness).
Infortunately very often ignored!

By force of professional habit, sorry :-)), I will refer to one (only  
one) paper :

Greco M., Stucchi N., Zavagno D., Marino B. (2008). On the portability  
of computer-generated presentations: The effect of text-background  
color combinations on text legibility. Human Factors, 50, 821-833.

Just my 2 cents!

Best regards from Grenoble



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