determining if user has shell access

Dar Scott dsc at
Thu Oct 14 03:58:30 EDT 2010

I'm a little confused as to what is happening.  Is the app locking  
up?  Or does the function return empty?

If the latter, then maybe you can test shell with something trivial  
that always returns something that is not empty.  If you get empty,  
you can't use shell().


On Oct 13, 2010, at 11:53 PM, Monte Goulding wrote:

> No ideas anyone?
>> How is it possible to determine if shell access is available? One  
>> of my apps is being run where the command line is restricted on  
>> Windows and shell calls aren't being returned. I think this is a  
>> bug in the engine in that a call to shell should return "Error: no  
>> shell access" or something logical rather than not returning but  
>> has anyone worked around this before.
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