Flipping graphic with a Key

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at cogapp.com
Wed Oct 13 18:34:16 EDT 2010

On 13/10/2010 22:33, Michael Kristensen wrote:
> Thanks for the reply's
> I m sorry to report that neither
> or
> .......did have any effect on stopping the repeated keyDown.

I don't think you can stop the repeated keyDown; the OS will keep sending the 
keyDown events, LiveCode will keep reporting them to your code.  Nor would 
cunning schemes with carefully calibrated time work (except perhaps if you 
only want this to work on a single machine that you have control over) since 
the user can adjust the speed of key repeat, and the delay before first repeat.

However, have you tried Jim Lambert's suggestion of using the keyUp event? 
AFAIK, LiveCode processes auto-repeating keys (at least on Mac) as repeated 
keyDown events; but it only sends a keyUp event when the key is released.  So 
if you set a flag when you flip the graphic on the first keyDown; ignore 
subsequent keyDown events if the flag is still set; and then unflip, and clear 
the flag, on a keyUp event, that should work.

If you really want to monitor the state of a key, you'll need to switch to 
using one of the keys that is treated as having 'up' and 'down' states, such 
as shift, alt or control, rather than the regular keys which don't so much 
have a state, rather have events (keyDown, keyUp).


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