SHIFTy thoughts

Scott Rossi scott at
Mon Oct 11 14:23:37 EDT 2010

Recently, Colin Holgate wrote:

>> Sorry, I'm not following -- the shift state is constantly polled/stored, so
>> why does the script need to care about the state at all?
> He wants to have an action happen when the user presses the shift key. Your
> variable knows whether the shift is down, but his routine would have no idea
> that it has just been pressed.

Ah, I missed the need to act on the press.  You did indeed account for that.

>> Maybe your script is the same idea as mine :-)
> It is, but I sent mine earlier than you, just to disguise the fact that I
> copied you, while the idea was still in your head.

Being that you're on the East coast, you will will always be earlier than
me.  Or is that later?  Hmmmm.....


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