SHIFTy thoughts

Richmond richmondmathewson at
Mon Oct 11 12:49:05 EDT 2010

  On 10/11/2010 02:06 PM, Colin Holgate wrote:
> This might give you an idea:
> on checkkeys
>     send checkkeys to me in 100 milliseconds
>     put shiftkey()
> end checkkeys
> _


on rawKeyDown
    if shiftkey() is down then
       put "DOWN" into fld "fSHIFT"
    end if
end rawKeyDown

on rawKeyUp
    if shiftkey() is up then
       put "UP" into fld "fSHIFT"
       end if
end rawKeyUp

in the card script

works on Linux, but NOT on Mac because pressing the SHIFT key
does not send a rawKeyDown on a Mac . . .

One can trap for rawKeyDown for a "normal" key and then if that key is down
do something like this:

if the shiftKey is down then
   do blah, blah, blah
end if

what I cannot work out how to do is find out if the SHIFT key is down 
having to plonk my fat fingers on some other key as well.

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