Livecode suffix is a pain

Francis Nugent Dixon effendi at
Sat Oct 9 07:14:52 EDT 2010

Hi from Beautiful Brittanny

Mark wrote :

> You can alway hack the script of button "revBackScript" of stack
> "revlibrary.rev"... (hint: look at lines 892 and 1007)

Thanks Mark, that did the trick.

I don't like zapping application code, but this is OK for me,
seeing as I may live with Livecode 4.5 for quite some time.
I'll worry about mods on future versions ...... in the future,
but as I am knocking hard on the 70's door, I may retire from
Revolution (er .... Livecode !) before the next update !

But my question is : How in "Rev's" name did you know that ?


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